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Where We Get Our Coins

We often get asked where we get the foreign coins that are used for our jewelry pieces.  Wholesale lots of coins from foreign countries are available from coin dealers. We place orders regularly with dealers in Greece, England, and other European countries and always look forward to seeing the variety of coins they send.

However, if you are looking for rare collectible old money, we would suggest checking out the experts at antiquemoney.com They specialize in paper money and coins. So if you want to learn more about the types of old money featured on our jewelry, just check out their site.

Get Your Pyth-On

Flip through any recent issue of Vogue, Harper’s  Bazaar or Cosmopolitan and you can’t miss the latest fashion trend – Python. It’s everywhere in accessories from purses, boots, shoes and belts and it’s even showing up on garments such as dresses, skirts and jackets. Well, the good news is that Old Money has created some great cuffs and necklaces incorporating python skin prints.